The Most Common Career Mistakes

18.11.2013 74

Achieving career success is the dream of a large number of employees. However, often thoughtless actions and hasty decisions can completely destroy all the plans and expectations of young professionals. How to avoid the most common mistakes that will become an obstacle on the way to the good and promising job? What is worth paying attention to be sure of your own advancement?

The lack of patience

Many employees expect to get a promotion after having mastered all the knowledge and started to cope with their responsibilities perfectly. But you should not hurry and demand to move up the career ladder – the company management is sure to assess your professional skills and qualities. The ability to be patient is the inherent trait of the real professional.

This rule also applies to those specialists who are not quite satisfied with the working conditions or salary level. Changing the employer is a logical way out of the situation, but sometimes it makes sense to wait and not to rush things. You cannot be quite confident that the new job will give the desired results. It's better to gain practical experience which will have the positive impact on your resume and reputation.

Lack of taking the initiative

New post is a great opportunity to prove that you are the experienced and qualified employee. However, many workers do the major mistake that do not take the initiative in the beginning of a career path. Simple performance of professional duties will not allow you to be allocated among other specialists of the enterprise.

Be more active and do not be afraid to offer unusual and creative variants to solve problems. The heads should ensure the correctness of their own choice and that you will be able to bring the success and profit for the company.

Improper way of communication

Etiquette of business communication is an important quality that must be possessed by every specialist. Without the ability to keep a distance and at the same time to demonstrate the respect for colleagues and the director no one can build or develop a career. Always use the official style of behavior and do not apply categorical tone in the conflict and contentious situations.

Sometimes, the employees ask the direct head of the company for help while avoiding their own boss. Such a step threatens not only damage relationships, but also spoiled career in the organization.

The uncertainty in the choice of work

It is very hard to achieve professional success for the employees who changes jobs frequently. Resume with the large list of previous work places hardly engender the confidence in the employer, and the management will doubt the reliability and stability of such a specialist. Though every job has its drawbacks try to choose a company where you could really gain good experience and remain on a post for two or three years. 

Bad recommendation of the former head

Even if you decided to resign because of the disagreements with the director try to get away without conflict situations. Remember that many managers have a habit of checking of new employees and damaged relations with the former head can play disservice. A bad recommendation from previous jobs is unlikely to help take a good post and will not promote the career development.

The absence of professional self-development

Continuous self-development and improvement of professional skills play a very important role for career growth. When selecting candidates for promotion the management primarily prefers those employees who are constantly improving their own qualities. Try periodically to get new knowledge in order to be aware of the trends of the labor market and remain competitive in the case of searching a new job.

Fear of change

Long work in the same organization has a number of advantages (the established relationship with the boss and colleagues, a stable salary, a thorough knowledge of your own business), but it often makes impossible to obtain a post that will be appropriate to the worker’s professional skills. An employee does not desires to change the management in the case of obtaining more profitable offer from another employer, accordingly, he/she may miss the opportunity to evaluate the skills and get more advantageous post.

Wrong choice of a new job

Wrong choice of a new place of work may call into question the development of a professional career. If you received a proposal for a promising post in another organization, do not agree immediately. Check the information about the company in advance (names of the managers, the reputation of the organization, its history, development, and the reviews of former employees). Weigh all advantages, disadvantages and risks of your decision to be confident in your own abilities and do not regret about job change.


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