The Most Common Mistakes in Choosing Right Job

21.10.2013 61

Choosing a job is a very serious and responsible step that determines not only the level of income of the future employee, but also regulates the career prospects and opportunities for professional fulfillment. The main condition is to make the right decision not to be disappointed in the employer and save the valuable time. Nevertheless, everybody makes mistakes, but sometimes such failures force to look for another company for the employment again and again. What does every job seeker should remember in order to achieve effective results in the job search?

Bad awareness of the company

Increasingly, there are situations when the future employee has insufficient data on the types of activities of the enterprise or what spheres of the production it includes. The fundamental mistake of such a candidate is a bad and insufficient preparation for the job interview. Before the beginning of the interview, read the information about the company, its leaders and competitors. To do this you may use special websites, forums, and social networks. The time spent can be very helpful because you may find reviews about the employer, to ensure his/her honesty and protect yourself from scams.

Write a list of the topics you want to discuss with the management. This will help not to miss necessary information and to stand out among the other candidates. Employers value employees who show initiative and interest to the work. 

Some questions are desirable to ask in order to understand the suitability of the post offered: "What future professional responsibilities and duties should be performed?", "What are the conditions of the probationary period?", "Are there opportunities for the self-development?", "What is the procedure of registration at job?", "What social guarantees are offered by the company?» (e.g., vacation, health insurance)," Are there any internal regulations in the company? "(e.g., dress code or the rules in the team).

Incorrect career assumptions 

The second most common mistake is the heightened expectations that not always correspond to the reality. Working in a known or rapidly growing company does not always guarantee that soon your career begins to develop at a rapid pace. In order to avoid vexatious disappointment, try to clarify the possible career prospects and conditions for career growth in the job interview. Clearly assign the tasks you want to accomplish in this organization.

Overestimation of your own capabilities

The revaluation of personal skills is a common occurrence among all age categories of the candidates. The wrong idea about the level of personal knowledge threatens by the fact that the employer may start checking you during the job interview or simply you will not cope with work responsibilities. Is it worth to pretend for a higher position if it can turn into a bad recommendation and dismissal in the future for the candidate? Assess your professional skills, as well as determine the amount of work you can perform at the desired post before placing the resume online on the site.

The neglect of other deficiencies

Sometimes the job seeker wishes to change the job or the post because of the single and the particular reason - for example, due to the insufficient wages. The desire of the employee to obtain a high and stable income is understandable and logical, but in order to avoid serious mistakes when choosing a company or the employer, you need to take into account other several factors - what professional duties are to be performed, possible career growth, personal schedule, the distance from home to the office, the existence of fines, bonuses, the duration of probationary period. Try to find all the necessary information before the official employment. Evaluate all "pros" and "cons" of the previous post and compare with the advantages and disadvantages of the desired work. Such comparison will help determine more beneficial and successful decision.

The absence of specific goals

The presence of professional aspirations is one of the main components of any employee who wants to move up the career ladder. But often people do not have the slightest idea of what he/she needs and desires. Such nuances make your job responsibilities to get bored quickly and the work will become a daily routine. Define the goals which under force to be carried out, and make a plan that will help to achieve success. The efforts will certainly make you indispensable and valuable employee for the company.

Hasty decision

If dismissal in the previous job was due to a bad relationship with the company management, conflicts with colleagues, long-term nonpayment or delayed wages, heavy working loads, the employees often seek to change the employer as soon as possible. However, such haste will not give good results, because the choice of the vacancies is to be very attentive and careful. Having solved one problem, you can get entirely different troubles. Think well about the decision made and do not succumb to emotions. Perhaps there are alternative ways to solve this issue - for example, ask the assistant for the division of responsibilities, or to discuss the increase to the salary? Perfect job does not exist, but in a really difficult situation where you cannot find a way out or make concessions, to change the job is the most favorable variant.


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