The Most Common Reasons Of Refusal To Hire Employee

23.12.2013 32

Refusal by an employer when applying for a job is the most common problem of the job seekers regardless of age or experience. Sometimes the causes are not business qualities of the candidates, but how they managed to prove themselves during the interview. What is necessary to remember by every potential employee to avoid such unpleasant and stressful situations? The article describes the main reasons that may significantly affect the decision of the employer.

Disagreements in salary requirements

Each company has a limited budget, which is planned taking into account the wages of specialists. Not surprisingly, this item is one of the main and key issues in the interview process, which often determines the further destiny of the job applicant. 

A candidate who has the average professional qualities, does not have an impressive resume or solid work experience, but requires quite a high level of salary is unlikely to find a good position quickly. Conversely, too low salary expectations can strongly alert the potential employer. If an employee is presented his/herself as an excellent specialist, but at the same time agrees on a small salary, maybe he/she has something to hide or is not serious about this company.

Inconsistency of knowledge for the desired position

Lack of necessary knowledge is the second most frequent reason for the refusal in hiring. Not to get into such a silly situation, try to assess and analyze your own skills adequately. It is likely that the employer will want to check your level of professionalism during the job interview, will propose to pass the test task or start asking additional questions.

You should not treat lightly the requirements that are given in the employment ads. Not all the responsibilities can be learned in the work process in the short term, therefore respond only to those jobs where you will be able to express yourself well.

Bad preparation for the interview

Preparing for the interview provides not only thinking about answers to the possible questions, but also searching for information about the company. It is really quite important, because a good awareness of the company will add the confidence and show your interest and high motivation to work. Think about what professional qualities and skills will be the best approach for the job. Ask about future responsibilities, colleagues and opportunities for career growth.

Previous negative recommendations

Try with dignity to resign from previous jobs - conflicts nobody has helped get a new job. Moreover, negative recommendations of your former chief can play a disservice and substantially complicate the search for another company for employment. Not all employers will want to hire an employee with a bad reputation, even if he/she is professional and has a wide experience of work.

Untruthful information in the resume

Untruthful information in any section of resume - particularly in the items that concern age, experience or professional achievements - would negate future career in this company. Of course, your cheating can be opened much later, during the probationary period or even after the signing of the employment contract, but most employers verify the data provided by the candidate before the job interview.

Inappropriate behavior

Inability to listen to the criticism or any manifestation of the arrogant behavior towards the employer almost always leads to a failed job interview. Be restrained but show respect for the interlocutor and a good result not keep itself waiting.

Frequent change of jobs

In the case if you have no good references from previous employers, the frequent change of jobs may also be a sign of carelessness and variability of the candidate for the current managers. The company relies on long-term cooperation, so the recruiter will try to find a more reliable worker.

Being late for an interview

Being late for an interview is a sign of disrespect to the head and to the company as a whole. As a rule, the employer is pretty busy person - for example, he/she plans important business meetings or controls the work of other employees, so your unpunctuality can greatly take away valuable time and annoy the future chief. Moreover, such a delay could be interpreted as the first sign that in the future you will periodically disrupt internal regulations of the company. Be sure to come before the appointed time - it is better wait a little bit than to regret the lost opportunity to get a decent job.

Unkempt appearance

Appearance creates the first impression of the person and often decides his/her further destiny in the organization. Think carefully about your look to seem decent, but at the same time not too strictly. Consider the specifics of the company and in accordance with this select necessary clothing. Large and reputable company or executive positions almost always provide the official dress code. Take care of the shoes and other the details - a neat hairstyle and restrained accessories.

Personal dislike

It happens that a candidate gives good clear answers for the interview questions, has a decent work experience and excellent professional quality, but still receives a refusal based on interview results. The reason is quite banal and has no relation to the professional activity of the job seeker – that is the personal dislike of the employer. Sometimes the recruiter cannot answer why the employee made ​​such a negative impression, but the fact remains - sometimes absolutely other criteria may decide the fate of further employment cooperation.


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