The Most Highly Paid Jobs in Nigeria

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Here you will find a list of highest paid job offers in March in Nigeria. You will be able to apply for these jobs as soon as you visit our site and register the account. As you can see, the jobs are in very different areas and you are very likely to find one right for you. In case you do not, you can look through our site to continue the search.

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The first job in our list is a full time offer with a 2 400 000 naira salary – a job of an Administrative Manager at an engineering company - Bypress Engineering Company Ltd. If you have 2 years of experience at the same position, high level of responsibility and not being afraid to work over time – this job could be just for you.

The second job with the salary of 1 800 000 naira is for a Personal Assistant to the CEO of Sepress Engineering company. This job requires two years of experience, not being afraid of responsibility, commitment to do everything is required from an assistant of the CEO.

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The University Press is looking for an MD, with an experience of 10 years and they promise a salary of 500 000 naira. The person will be responsible for strategic planning, internal organization, human resource and financial management.

The Dispute Resolution Agent in McDanielCourt MBC in Lagos, will be earning 250 000 naira. If you have a 1 year experience in this field, are honest, competitive, have excellent communication skills, and are ready to write the assignment to compete for the job – you should give it a try.

Unique Spring Points is looking for an Accountant in Lagos, with 2 years of experience, and are ready to pay 250 000 naira. The candidate they are looking for should have a relevant degree in Business Administration in addition to the accounting qualification. You can apply for the job at our site.

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Sumkayz have opened a job of Communications Supervisor – Wireless. The applicant must have 3 years of experience, be ready to work full time in Lagos. The position is offered with 200 000 naira. The person they are looking for will be responsible for supervising the installation process, developing the specifications, maintenance, and perform all the related work.

There is an opening at Micozab Consulting Home of a Production Manager. If you are ready to work full time for 200 000 naira and have at least 2 years of experience. You will be in charge of planning all the activities and ensuring their performance.

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If you are looking for a job of a production supervisor in Lagos, this could be a great day for you, as you can work for Deunique Consults and earn up to 180 000 naira. If you have experience in monitoring the work flow, supervise staff and organize the work flow, you might be great for this job.


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