The Most Incredible Hotel In The World

17.10.2015 103122

A young architect Armin Sesoner has designed an amazing project of an incredible hotel in Alps - Semiotic alpine escape. By authors idea it will be located at the 2000 meters high. Though, climate conditions in Alps are pretty difficult hotel will be able to work in two seasonal settings: Summer and Winter.

The subclassification into three classes, namely economy, business and superior is a consequence of the social establishment and wealth distribution.

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Armin Senoner’s ‘semiotic alpine escape’ is a conceptual plan for a hotel able to accommodate all various needs of the low, middle, and high, within a single establishment. Height is given as a privilege, with the most expensive, the richest guests accommodations are designed on top building structure.

Other parts with service function have been included, like retail stores, restaurants, entertainment site like theaters etc.

Here are some photos of an amazing project with astonishing view:


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