The Most Ridiculous Job Refusals

22.05.2015 18660

Sometimes when company is looking for a perfect candidate recruiters start collecting hilarious stories about why the candidate refused this or other job. Employers manage to find out the truth about the candidate right at the interview, so ask more questions and sometimes the weirdest ones help them to learn the most about the candidate.

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We will show you how ridiculous some candidates may be. Let's take a look at some of the funniest job refusals. "No KFC, I'm waiting for Google", "I do what my mama told me".


Senior analyst refused to work in top-5 bank, because of dress-code. He doesn’t want to wear shirts. The candidate actively gains muscles in the gym and has rather great results. So he needs to buy new shirts every two months. For the economy, the offer had to be rejected.

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