The Worst 50 Resume Advice You Have Ever Received

03.12.2015 10072

Do you feel like your HR-managers don't read your resume? Maybe you wrote it wrong? 10 sheets of text, funny fonts, more cliche phrases and of course a photo with your mom will certainly make your CV irresistible! Read more to know how not make your resume extremely bad!

1. Make A Great Photo

You can't surprise anyone with a simple photo in a white shirt. Be original! A photo with your mom will tell the recruiter that you have someone to wake you up to work. A photo from your graduation will say you have a degree! A photo with a pink pony will say you are creative and don't struggle from the lack of fantasy.

2. Wright A Resume On 10 Pages

Only weaklings give up and write CV only on two pages. Show how strong you are and how you can describe your experience of working as an office-manager on 10 whole pages. Nine-page cover letter accompanied by a four-page resume looks amazing.

3. Do Not Mention Any References

What you should do is to mention people who may have recommended you as a good worker but do not give their telephone numbers. Let the HR manager find it by themselves, because what are they getting their salary for?


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