The Worst Thing People Ever Done At Work

08.12.2014 37

Something people did by accident, did on purpose, were told to do by their superior, have to do daily, etc. Just the worst things people have ever done at work.

You can tell us. It can be worse than this:

“We were listening to the control tower instructions and timing how long the pilots took to respond,” wrote the anonymous respondent. “My colleague left for lunch … having turned his radio onto ‘broadcast’ by accident. As radio is one way, it meant that no one was able to send or receive messages on the frequency that was being used to give take off permission.”
“I started to eat my lunch to discover that all departures from the airport had been brought to a standstill by someone who sounded like they were eating their lunch,” the anonymous respondent wrote of the incident that occurred 18 years ago. “The realisation that it was the sound of MY lunch being eaten hit me about 10 minutes later. I rushed over and flicked the switch to off” and flights resumed.

“One of my roommates told me this story. He was working at the parking garage in Universal Studios Florida during the peak of summer. He got bored with his coworkers and at the start of the day, decided to marshall every single white colored car to the third floor of the garage. By the end of the afternoon, the entire third floor was a sea of white cars. The next shift was pissed as shit because they had to work extra hours since people were having a hard time finding their cars.”

“I was working in an office, doing office-type work. There was this one dickhead, Tim, who kept stealing everyone's sandwiches from the fridge. Everyone knew it was him, but he'd never admit. One day I took a tin of Skoal and dumped it in between two pieces of bread. No cheese, no meat, no mustard, just a straight up Skoal sandwich. Of course Tim stole my sandwich that day. I found the sandwich in the garbage later that day with one BIG bite missing. Tim "wasn't feeling so good" and took the rest of the day off.”

“At work we communicate through skype. There was a coworker i kinda flirted with. We would ask each other questions, and the other person had to answer honestly. I asked the guy whether he had chesthair, but instead of sending it to him, i sent it to my boss. Fortunatly my boss laughed it off and told me to go back to work. I still cringe at the memory.”

“Skype is dangerous at work! We used it too while all working in the same room. Accidentally send a very mean (gossip) message to the person it was about (hated him). Luckily he was not behind his desk. Still remember the faces when I screamed and ran to his computer to delete. Always triple check.”

“I squirted a policeman with a water pistol out of my office window. He just stood there all confused for ages. Spoke on his radio, then wandered off. I like to think the person on the radio mocked him.”

“I was working at an extremely busy gas station with a line out the door. The woman came in going right to the front asking for directions. I said I would be glad to help her, but let me get through these paying customers first. (I was the only one there, and this is before google maps).
Well she would not stop yelling about it and interrupting. So finally I asked where she was going. She said the name of a mall that was literally down the street.
I gave her directions to another mall 20 minutes away.
All the customers watched and listened to me give these wrong directions. When she was in her car driving away, the 10 or so customers I had in the store gave me a resounding applause.”

Just a true-life stories.


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