There Is No Such Things As Signs Or Why You Can’t Predict Your Chances Of Getting A Job

11.05.2016 1879

It's not a secret that job searching is a hard, stressful process and getting an invitation to an interview, as well as passing it, is only half of the job. The hardest thing is waiting for an employer to call you with the job offer.

Often, while waiting for them to reach you, candidates start to analyze all the questions asked and answers given, the way we "sold" ourselves and how did the interviewer behave in order to get a basic idea if you're going to be hired or not.

But the thing is trying to read between the lines to figure out what your chances are is not the best way to spend time. More importantly, there is no way to predict your chances of getting a job. There is literally no way to do that. A lot of so-called "tell-tale signs" can be misread even if they seem obvious. Here are three of them and why you shouldn't count on them:

That Job You Interviewed For Has Been Reposted

Job seekers sometimes like to check and see if the job they just interviewed for is still listed. And they get excited if they see that it isn’t. This has to be good news for their chances, right? Maybe. But sometimes they see it reposted. And they wonder what the heck is going on. Is it a bad sign? Naturally they worry that it’s the end of the hiring road for them.

If you interviewed with an employer and within a day or two the job is reposted, doesn’t that HAVE to mean that you blew it? Well, it could mean that, but not always. There are other possible reasons. The most obvious reason would be that they haven’t found THE candidate they consider strong enough for the job, even if they like you. Or they may simply have gotten too few candidates, even if they have a potential winner, to satisfy internal recruiting requirements. Or they may not be in a rush and just want to see who else might apply. Or maybe they may have made an offer, had the person turn them down, and are obligated to repost. Or all kinds of other possibilities.

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In most cases, if a hiring manager is reposting a position just to cover his bases, he’ll be in touch with the top candidates. So, if you are one of the candidates on the short list for a second interview, you’ll get an email or a phone-call regarding scheduling. And if you are one of a top candidates, you’ll likely get some other form of positive reinforcement. Although, if the position is reposted and you haven’t heard anything from them for a while (like 2 weeks), it’s smart to start considering other opportunities.


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