There are Only 3 True Job Interview Questions

15.04.2015 632

Whether you are applying for a job or looking for someone to hire, there are several important questions that will help you get ready.

To avoid the stress on either ends of the situation, you should make a list of all the things you should ask and you might be asked. Still, there are three most important questions, even if they are not spoken out, any person should ask themselves to avoid misunderstandings in the future and save time for everyone.

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These questions are:

  1. Are you qualified for the job? (Can you do it?)
  2. Is this job right for you? (Will you like it?)
  3. Are you a nice person? (Can we tolerate each other?)

The questions above will help you not only to be great at an interview, but also find a job that will suit you most. If you try to make the questions simpler, you could write down just three simple words that will help you figure your way out at any job interview - Strength, Motivation and Fit.

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Let's take a closer look at these three points.

This point deals not only with whether the person has got the right kind of knowledge and/or experience or not, but whether the person possesses the right leadership skills, is he/she good with people, how is he dealing with stress, it the person eager to learn and accept responsibility, whether he/she is creative enough and willing to walk extra mile.

This is what the interviewer is trying to find out when you are asked about tought situations at your previous job and how you managed to work them out. As they say, the modern definition of an illiterate person is not the one who cannot read or write, but the one who cannot set goals and achieve them.

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When one takes a closer look at what motivates people, he will immediately find out that money does not stand at the top of the list for most of us. Instead, doing what we love makes us work much harder and put more effort without even realising it.

The way to find out whether this particular job will keep you motivated is to check whether it will help you reach your long-term goal, and whether the job suits the describtion of the things you love to do most. In addition, the other way the job may keep you motivated is if it meets your values. '

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One of the most important factors on anyone being successful at any job is whether he/she will get along with his/her co-workers.

If the person is great with people and is ready to take some time to establish and develop working relationships, he/she will achive more success even if compared to more experienced candidate.


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