These Celebrities Ordered to Complete Community Works

02.03.2015 103

When someone becomes a celebrity, they get immediate and constant attention of journalists and fans all over the world. Inevitably, they get the most attention when they do something outrageous that gets them police attention and community service. We’ve collected some of the most interesting stories concerning this topic. Hope it would be interesting to you to see that no matter how much influence and public love you get, you cannot avoid justice.

Snoop Dogg was ordered to spend 800 hours of community service.
Once, after a violation of airport parking spiraled into something even bigger – drug and gun charges, Snoop Dogg managed to get the court to sentence him to a service he would have been doing anyway. The court ordered him 800 hours of community service, half of which he could spend coaching his own team – Snoop Youth Football League.

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