These Work Habits Can Ruin Your Career

04.12.2013 102

Have you ever thought why your attempts to climb the career ladder are not successful? Or why the conversation with management regarding increasing wages did not give a positive result? Maybe the reason is in your behavior and habits which in reality prevent professional and career growth. What personal qualities are to be paid attention to achieve the goal and get rid of career failures?

Fear of making mistakes

Striving for the faultless performance of responsibilities is one of the most common habits of employees which not only spoil the career, but also can significantly reduce the professional self-esteem. Fear of making mistakes considerably affects the quality of work and do not give the opportunity to express the worker’s possibilities and realize the important ideas and ideas. Nevertheless, every mistake is the gained experience which leads you to the gradual improvement of skills and achievement of the desired result. Therefore it is better to relax and just perform the responsibilities on a qualitative level.

Idle talk

Constant conversations in the workplace do not promote the labor activity and active career development. Moreover, not all colleagues will be interested to hear about some of the events and the details of your personal life. Also not all workers maintain gossips and intrigues. Think about your actions and you may notice that the idle chatter gradually renders working and performing of job duties on a secondary plan.

Permanent lack of organization

Lack of organization greatly reduces productivity and efficiency of work. What can be worse than the spoiled reputation because of the forgotten business meeting or loss of an important document? That is why use notepads and address books to write the list of affairs and other important information. In addition, the modern computer technology can greatly save time and simplify the organization of the working day. It would be nice to bring order in the workplace and get rid of unnecessary documentation - in this case, all the papers and reports will always be ordered and in the right place.

Negative reaction to the constructive criticism

Every employee, even a professional and experienced specialist, is not insured from mistakes or not quite accurate performance of the assignments. Therefore, the task of any head is to notice in time and give advice on the quality of work and methods of correcting the inaccuracies. However, not all employees can take such assistance - the criticism prompts them to the permanent use of defensive behavior and aggressive position. In any case, try to stay calm and listen to advice and suggestions adequately - that will help avoid conflict and the chief certainly appreciate your desire to change for the better side.

Criticism of the mistakes of others

Inappropriate comments about mistakes can greatly damage relations with colleagues. First, it is a sign of unprofessionalism that is rather inappropriate for building a career. Secondly, criticism and wishes concerning the performance of work of other workers is a direct obligation of the head, so negative comments would adversely affect your professional reputation. The best variant in this situation is to adhere to the neutral position and express the opinion in case when you are really asked for the professional advice.

Hasty decisions

Sometimes different work situations (conflict with management or colleagues, stressful work environment, a new proposal for cooperation) force the careless actions which then can be regretted. Nevertheless, the habit to succumb to emotions and make hasty and sudden actions may negatively affect the career development. It is a good idea to consider and weigh all the benefits and risks of own decisions initially, from which many things are depended - the level of wages, the prospect of a good position, professional self-esteem.

Frequent delays

Many employees believe small but regular late for work is unserious and not so important issue. However, remember that management will sure to pay attention to the systematic violations of internal regulations of the company. It is unlikely that the situation will improve the relationship with the head and contribute to the career growth.

Lack of punctuality is seen by many as a sign of insecurity and of disrespect to the colleagues, for whom your delay may cause the suspension of the workflow. If you want to resolve this issue, determine the cause firstly - perhaps the reason is in the banal lack of sleep or lack of organization. Try to prepare since evening and do not leave the important things for the morning (for example, gathering of documents or the choice of clothing).

The desire not to stand out among the staff

If you are too silent, afraid to offer original ideas and solutions or shy to start a conversation with the management on improving labor conditions, you cannot hope to obtain more promising and paid work. Indecisive workers remain unnoticed and are not considered as promising candidates, so long-awaited proposals to raise and get a new post won’t be forthcoming.

Ignoring the business meetings

Meetings and conferences are an important part of the professional activity of any company where important problems are solved and significant issues are discussed. Ignoring such events suggests disregard for the business relationships and disinterest to the work of the organization. Colleagues and leadership will be frustrating to see your absence, especially if you have to take an active part in the discussion. Therefore show respect for staff and do not neglect business etiquette - do not be late and do not forget to switch off the mobile phone.

Negative attitude

The vision the situation only in the negative colors greatly complicates successful career movement, because the employee sees the flaws in almost any situation - regarding the leadership and colleagues, in the rules and regulations of the company, in working conditions etc. It is worth thinking - maybe the situation is not so bad, and most of the problems are just exaggerated? Try to find the positive aspects of the work, even if they focus on the details - it will help to distract and get in the right mood.

Failure to use the new methods and technologies

Continuous improvement of the skills is not just attending seminars and advanced training courses, but also mastering new computer technologies. This quality is really important, because many employers pay attention to the level of PC skills and to the willingness to use new techniques in the process of work. In addition, it improves the value of your competitiveness among other colleagues, and in the case of job search it helps to make resume more successful and attractive.


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