Things You Want To Do Before Leaving On Vacation

16.07.2015 3244

It's the middle of the summer and a lot of us soon will hit the road to vacation. And it should be a time when you won't think about work, relax and be completely present. But after your relaxing holidays you will still need to return to your work. And if you want your returning to be more pleasant and less stressful - you need to do couple of things beforehand.

Make your plans

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Ideally, you need to schedule your time off a couple of month before you actually leave. Make sure you won't miss any projects, meetings and conferences important for you work. Let your boss know when you're planning to go to vacation. To avoid the stress you can do a little trick: leave a day later than you said, and return a day earlier. If it's impossible to you - at least plan carefully. Do not plan anything important on your last work day and first day back at the office.


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