Time Hacking

16.11.2014 28

1. Use a diary. Note how you spend your time and you will see how much time you’re wasting. Make notes to spend your time better.

2. Try to track how you spend your time using task managers applications (a lot of them for all platforms both PC and mobile). You will be surprised by how much time you waste.

3. Use applications to simplify your work with your email. It saves much time for you.

4. Don't waffle in your e-mails. All of your messages should be five sentences or less. Most people don’t mind when you keep your emails short and right to the point. You will save your time and time of your colleagues and partners.

5. Try to group all of your routine tasks together on one day of the week. And you will save your time to focus on more important things.

6. Devote less time for each task you have to do. You must teach yourself to do tasks faster as a result you will do more in less time.

7. Work 5 days a week. 7 hours a day. 35 hours a week is enough to be the most productive and creative.

8. People spend 13.6 years watching TV. Stop it. You could spend all this time with better profit. 13.6 years is a bulk of time to make more useful things.

9. Don't lose your time for aimless internet surfing. Youtube ain't going nowhere, so don't lose your time for it on your workplace. Remember about 35 hours a week.

10. Social media is a powerful tool if you use it for your business. But don't waste your time just for surfing through news feed.

By Chris Bailey


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