Tips on How to Ask for a Raise

19.02.2014 46

When you feel like you have been underpaid when you deserve more and think you should ask your boss for a raise, but do not know how, this article is just for you. Before you go into your bosse’s office you have only one shot and if you fail at your first try, you will ruin all the best tactics you might have used. However, there is still something you can do to make sure you do get a raise 


Before you go to your boss and ask for a raise make sure you find out the company policies on who determines whether the employee gets a raise and how it is determined. You may find out that the only person who can help you is away or that the company is reviewing salaries based on yearly reports. 

Find out how much do other companies of such rank pay to workers at your position. Find out whether your qualifications are enough for a raise, your level of education. 

Make sure it is a good time for a company – when the company is in recession, they might not be able to give you what you are asking for. 

Check whether the job market situation is good right now and if the employer is not ready to give you a raise or will decide to let you go you will not be left without a job. 

In case you decided to tell your employer you have better offers, make sure you do in case they decide to let you go.

Research your current performance. Make sure you have earned a raise and make a list of reasons you did. You have to make sure you are specific.

Get Ready

You might consider our tips on how to boost up the confidence.

Prepare for the failure – even if you do not get a raise you should prepare a tactic to follow. It may be smiling and letting go, telling you have some other offers (do not threaten, just mention), 

Rehearse your words – you may want to write it down while preparing for the talk.

Make sure you sound easy, specific and friendly.  

Write down the number you are going for. 

Find out when your boss is ready to talk to you about carreer opportunities. 


  • Start with a positive sentence. Mention that you really enjoy working there, but recently the scope of your work has increased, or that the roles have risen and you would like to discuss how you would be able to do your best work.
  • Stay positive and remain well-mannered no matter what.
  • Be patient –your employer may need some time to think it over.
  • Be specific and detailed about the reasons and the numbers you are going for. 

If the employer needs some time, make sure you ask how much and come back at that day to talk again. Meanwhile, make sure you work just as hard and do not relax just because you are waiting for an answer. If the time flies by and nothing changes, you should think of looking for something new in someplace else. 


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