To Win You Have To Lose. Compromise In A Practice.

16.11.2014 28

Diplomacy is an often neglected skill - even by the most successful businessman.

In the case of constant business growth and expanding, the number of your personnel, your ability in interpersonal communications and compromise will have a great influence for your corporate well-being.

Select your battles. When you do not agree with new ideas lobbied by your employees, they will see your regular resistance to changes. In this manner, you may build an obstacle than influence the productivity of labour. Before you pronounce your disagreement, make sure it makes sense. Constantly, you should estimate how your feedback can impact on your worker morale.

Do not take it personally. Do not let yourself become angry or be emotionally unstable. Your image of a professional is what will obtain respect of your employees. Always stay calm during your speech. Focus on logical arguments of the strength of real data. Never offend or humiliate any member of your team.

Prove the validity of the opposing viewpoint. You employed each person of your staff by some reason. A lot of companies are unsuccessful because an entrepreneur goes the wrong way. Try to understand the whole idea and express opinion regarding points with which you are agree before  disagreement. If you wish your employees work in your company, make sure they know that you hear them and value their opinions.      

Ask, do not criticise. The main idea is to use a delicate way to find an inaccuracy in arguments. Perhaps the idea is not carefully thought out, so request for more detailed information. Find out what the result is awaited and how it planned to be reached. Often a false idea will not withstand against detailed inquiries. In addition, a conflicting concept of context can generally explain what the difference between your and employee point of view on the same situation.

Stimulate to keep an open line. Let your workers express their thoughts freely and give arguments before responding. When you think a person has finished, ask “Do you have something to add?” And before your conversation comes to the conclusion, always try to confirm the information that was said by another person. Gossip and insults can quickly destroy corporate morale.

Do not try to win for the sake of a victory. The absolute majority of businessman are extremely competitive. Who do not like to win? But you should understand that winning can be costly. Do not sacrifice the team spirit and the respect of a valued worker just because you can not admit you were wrong. Whenever possible, combine ideas and compromise. Connecting the best parts of each argument can lead to a perfect solution.

Explain your way of thinking. If you have to make a specific decision and someone totally disagree with, you should justify it. Explain why you think that your decision is the best in a current situation. Take the time to prove your decision and you will gain the trust of your team.


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