Top 10 Highest Paid Jobs You Can Get Right Now

15.01.2015 1072

It is believed that the highest wages are only available in the capital. However, smaller cities also can boast the fact that many companies offer a decent salary for some posts.

We analyzed the vacancies of the site and determined Top 10 best paid job offers from employers with an income of more than 700 000 naira per year. The following list includes even those positions that require minimal job experience. For most managers such personal qualities as the activity, sociability, responsibility and perseverance are more important and valued.

Finance Manager

Income: 7 200 000 - 11 600 000 naira per year

Finance Manager is a specialist who manages the financial resources of the enterprise. The work is focused on the receiving and permanent increasing of profits of the company. The objectives of the financial manager are to develop financial strategies and effective information systems, analysis of the various aspects of finance, planning financial performance in key areas, the effective monitoring of the implementation of management decisions in the field of finance, asset management, capital investment, cash flow, and risk assessment. Finance manager should be the responsible, flexible, self-confident, critical and endowed with developed intuition. Work experience (3-5 years) is important for this post.

Communications Manager

Income:  1 200 000 naira per year

The role of the communications manager is to serve as a central element in the system of control over communications in the organization and to become a manager or supervisor for those who want to be taught the process of communication. Such professional skills as self-confidence, communication skills and resistance to stress are necessary for the worker. Usually, work experience is not required if the job applicant is able to introduce his/herself well.

Personal Assistant

Income: 1 000 000 - 1 800 000 naira per year

Requirements for the candidates depend on the company and direct manager. The main wishes are previous administrative experience as a personal assistant, good organizational skills, and in most cases, excellent knowledge of the English language (sometimes several languages). Personal assistant must be able to plan the working day of the head, to prepare presentations and reports, to work with the documentation, to execute interpreting and translation, administrative and information support of the director, to perform personal assignments. Work experience and the level of education are not always necessary factors in the selection of the employee.

Human Resources Manager

Income: 960 000 – 2 200 000 naira per year

Standard functional tasks of HR-manager include personnel records management, recruitment, organization of training and retraining of employees, the development of compensation schemes, optimization of the organizational structure of the company and formation of the company's personnel policy. A good HR-manager should be a good psychologist, has the ability to understand people and communicate with them. It is desirable to have a well-developed good insight and intuition that can help find the right type of behavior in a difficult situation. This professional must also be a good manager. The following qualities are also required: self-confidence, ability to work in a team and be responsible, a positive attitude towards people. First degree in social sciences (BSc or HND) and 1-3 years experience are compulsory requirements.

Marketing Manager

Income: 960 000 – 1 800 000 naira per year

The post of the marketing manager is becoming more popular. More often the employers want to see such an employee in their team. Marketing Manager supervises commercial and marketing activities of the company. In order to organize the sale of products, the manager needs to know the tastes and preferences of consumers. 

Due to the statistical analysis the worker forms the line of range. Increase profits are directly dependent on the influx of new customers. Therefore, the responsibility of the marketing manager also includes the determination of advertising policy. Marketing managers are working in completely different fields: food production, home appliance stores, oil companies, social networks etc. Usually minimum the Bachelor’s degree, good negotiation, communication and persuasion skills are necessary to be offered the job. Not all employers require work experience in this field and the every job seeker has a chance to be employed.

Project Manager

Income: 840 000 – 10 002 700 naira per year

The success of any project depends on the professionalism of its head. The post of the project manager can be found in the organizations which pay a lot of attention to its development. The employee usually has the following responsibilities: to identify the goals and objectives of the project, to create a description of the requirements for the final product, to manage the budget of a project, risk assessment. Employers usually require a degree in Project Management and 1-3 years of work experience.

Account Manager

Income: 840 000 – 1 440 000 naira per year

At present many organizations pay a lot of attention to the quality of services provided. Companies are doing everything possible to attract customers. A key objective of the account manager is to create motivation for the client to continue cooperation and partnership. The mail responsibilities of the specialist include negotiating and information support of the client, work with objections, preparation of the reports with the results of the work done, maintaining detailed accounting records, monitoring the timely payment of bills. The degree in Accounting B.Sc./HND and organizational, analytic and negotiation skills are required.

Sales Manager

Income: 720 000 – 2 160 000 naira per year

Sales Manager is the professional who is engaged in commercial activity in order to sale the products. Nowadays it is one of the most contradictory occupations where the discussions and debates are often arising. However, at the same time it is a highly demanded post without which the company work is almost impossible to imagine.

Many job applicants tried their hand in this field, but only a few manage to achieve success. Perseverance and communication skills are very important to help find a common language with other people. The duties of the employee is to attract customers, negotiating, signing contracts, distribution of business proposals, carrying out of presentations. Often education and work experience are essential requirements, but all depends on the activity of the organization.

Finance Assistant

Income: 720 000- 1 440 000 naira per year

The main duties of the post are planning and approval of costs, the analysis and calculation of tariffs, development and monitoring of budget execution, record keeping of all company accounts and preparation of reporting documents. For such a specialist it is important to be able for analytical thinking, because every employee will have to accept a huge amount of information. In addition to the Bachelor’s degree or HND in Accounting, the candidate must possess the computer and financial programs. One of the most frequent requirements for the job is the work experience in a similar position for at least 3-5 years.


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