Top Dumbest Office Rules That Make People Want To Quit

23.11.2015 17350

In every single company and every workplace there are certain rules that regulate the working process. Many rules are the "necessary evil" and without them there would be a chaos. But sometimes companies provide workplace rules that are so stupid that they not only destroy employees morale but can even drive great employees away. Here are 7 the dumbest:

Restricted Internet

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There are certain sites that no one should be visiting at work, but once you block them you need to know where to stop. Some companies recently started to provide a new rule that says every email must have an explicit purpose. Workers are incapable of sending emails from their work accounts without selecting what the email is for. To send it, they have to select from a drop-down menu things like 'casual memo' or 'request for time off'. This rule is so absurd that at first you just can't believe it's real. If you don’t trust your people to use e-mail properly, why did you hire them in the first place?


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