Twitter Pays Employees Up To $200 000 To Keep Them From Leaving

23.03.2016 1843

After Twitter's shares have lost more than 60 percent of their value over the past 12 months, company tries to to keep employees from heading for the door by offering them big compensation packages.

Twitter has been offering cash bonuses to some employees, ranging from $50,000 to $200,000 as an incentive to keep them around for another six months to a year. Also, they are offering additional grants of restricted stock units depending on when the employees started working, intending to make up for the value lost since they joined the company.

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Experts say that Google also used such methods to hold the employees in 2009, after the financial crisis. It all started after several high-profile Twitter executives and managers have left the company in recent months, which surely caused damage to employee morale.

The challenge of attracting and retaining talent in Silicon Valley is always difficult as some of the biggest tech companies and start-ups fight over a finite number of candidates in the area, but Twitter's current turmoil surely won't give the company a leg up.

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Back in October, co-founder Jack Dorsey, who returned to the role of chief executive last year, pledged to give a third of his stake in the company back to employees.

The move came just days after the company said it would cut up to 336 jobs, or about 8% of its global workforce as it struggles to grow its user base.


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