Want to Increase Your Salary? 4 Secrets of Effective Salary Negotiation

20.08.2015 21825

One of the most important things that we look at when searching for a job is how much we are gonna get paid. And on every interview you will be asked "How much do you want?". The topic about money often makes people uncomfortable. And we end up answering something like: "How much can you offer?". But no employer will make the best offer they can first, because he will think that you're going to negotiate. And you definitely should. New researches has shown that candidates who negotiate about salary earn more than those who don't. So, if you want to be paid what you're worth but do not know how to negotiate about your salary, we've gathered a couple of tips to help you:

Know Your Market Value

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You need to do some research beforehand to know how much money people in your field earn. Look for your specific profession in your area. Search for people with the same skills and experience you have. What you need to know is a median salary in your city for your job. That will be your approximate worth. You might want to also research your prospective employer, there's a chance you will find out their negotiation policies or salary levels.


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