What Career Mistakes Every Professional Should Make

17.03.2016 2894

Making mistakes is embarrassing no matter who you are and how you slice it. However, making mistakes is crucial for growing in life — and your career. Certain mistakes can actually be more valuable teachers than successes. If you’re new to a company or the working world, be open to mistakes and seize them as an opportunity to learn and become better. No one was born knowing exactly what to do and how things get done. It comes with experience — so don’t be hard on yourself. Just learn and move on.

So, if you’re going to make mistakes in your career, make these three — but only once.

Overpromising and Underdelivering

We all have had times when we have promised something to a client or customer only to have life happen and we miss the date. It often happens when we want to impress our boss or client.

And why you should make this mistake? Well, when you do overpromise and underdeliver, the awful experience of disapointment on the face of a person you promised - will certainly teach you a lesson. And you will do anything to never see that look again. When someone makes ambitious claims and promises and then fails to live up to them, customers tend to grow irritated, feeling that false advertisements were made.

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The best way is to UNDER-promise and OVER-deliver. Estimate how long you think it will take you to fulfill the promise and then double or triple that time. If you are not able to answer how long it will take you to complete a task, don’t give an answer. Tell the other person or group that you will get back to them.


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