What Hiring Managers Really Want To Know About You

12.04.2016 10161

It's not a secret that interviews can be really stressful. And it gets even worse when a person interviewing you, is not showing any signs whether you're doing good or no. In those moments you would give a lot to figure out what goes on in his mind.

The questions hiring managers usually asking are very formal and not as direct as what they really want to ask. So, to help you prepare better and ace an interview, we've prepared 5 typical things that hiring managers really want to know about a candidate, but often do not ask.

They Want To Know If You Had Done Similar Work Successfully

The number of skills and experience that you have, do not always mean that you are good at what you do. But the list of your accomplishments does. They do not only want to know that you have relevant knowledge and skills but that you also excel at your job.

So, if you have some relevant achievements, previous experience and other work you've done successfully - show it to them. Tell them about every relevant skill you have and how that skill helped you to solve the problem, bring a new client and so on.

Even if you haven't had any direct experience, you can still highlight any transferable skills that relate to the role. Turn your answer into a positive by making it clear that you want the job in order to gain experience in the area.


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