What Phrases Make You Sound Less Experienced

02.10.2015 21491

We all start somewhere, and most of the time our position is low and our co-workers are more experienced than we are. It can be your first job or new position, and even a new project. There can be a lot of reasons why exactly you can feel clueless at your job and it is okay to feel this way. Thought it is totally fine to feel like a newbie you may not want to sound like one. That's why we've gathered a couple of phrases that make you sound inexperienced:

"I Don't Know"

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Nobody has all the answers and it's ok not to know something. But if you get asked on which you don't have an answer you should think twice before saying:"I don't know" with a blunt face. Instead of that phrase try using some of these: if it's not your area of expertise try saying:"I’m not sure I’m the best person to answer that". If it is an unrelated question: "Here’s what I can tell you" or "Here is what I know". And if it is the question that you need to know the answer to, but you don't use "That’s exactly what I’m seeking to answer" instead of "I don't know".


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