What To Do If An Interviewer Is Being Rude

24.12.2015 9821

It is not a secret that job interviews are really stressful. You spend hours to prepare for an interview, do your best to control your body language, think about how to answer all those sneaky interview questions, and how to leave a pretty good impression on your interviewer at the same time.

It seems like it can't get more stressful. Unfortunately, it can. Sometimes, you just end-up with an interviewer who is less-than-polite. It consists simply of the interviewer interrupting the candidate, talking too much about him- or herself, and/or not giving the interviewee an opportunity to discuss his or her skills.

What do you do when the interviewer's behavior is offensive? You want to ace the interview and leave with your self-respect intact. Here are some strategies for responding tactfully to a discourteous interviewer.

Give Your Interviewer No Ammunition To Talk About You In A Negative Light

One thing you should remember is that your reputation is much more important than the emotions you are feeling at the moment. So you should not give an interviewer any reason to say anything negative about you to anyone. It might seem unfair that you have to keep your emotions cool while some jerk is being rude with you at the job interview. But the truth is we don't live in a perfect world. And there are so many mean, cruel and just rude human beings everywhere and will have to deal with them one time or another.

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But what you don't know is what influence this person has in your industry and how him/her badmouthing you can affect your life. So do your best to stay professional and not to lose your head, just calm down and remember that you worked hard to land this interview. Your priority is to keep the interview focused on what you have to offer the company. Avoid blowing up or confronting the interviewer during the interview -- the only thing likely to come from that is a burned bridge. Take a deep breath and briefly consider some reasons to make the best of this challenging situation.


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