What To Do If You Hate Your New Job

20.05.2016 5206

Did you know that more than 30% of new hires leave their job in 6 months? Sometimes, new position can be intimidating, hard and difficult. And you might think about quitting quite often at first time. But it's not always the best choice to give notice and move to another place. Here are 4 other things you can do if you can't stand your new job:

Try To Find The Source Of The Problem

At the beginning of any new job almost every person feels clumsy and ungainly, simply because everything’s new. And at most times it is the feeling of discomfort and uncertainty what makes us feel like it's not the right place to be. In case it is the only reason - than you should know that it will pass within few weeks.

But, sometimes, the reason is a lot more important. It might not be the work you were promised, or your supervisor is a total mess, or a corporate culture is not what you expected. Even if so, there might be a lot of good things you can work with. Early months are always difficult - you should consider that. But maybe there are things that are worth of staying, like great mentors or experienced professionals on your team that you can learn from. Think about all the benefits that you'll gain if you'll stay on the position and all the options and opportunities you'll gain.


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