What Your Favorite Beer Says About You

28.11.2015 3422

Everyone likes to cut loose once in a while. What do you drink after work on Fridays or watching sports? Is it beer? Beer is a huge part of our culture, and everyone has their say on what their favorite beer is. Is it lager or a wheat beer? It is important becuse it says a lot about you.

Pale Ale

Pale ales drinkers enjoy complexity without getting overzealous. They want some spice in their life but don’t want to be blown away by some of the hopped up IPAs. Ordering one will show your date you are down for adventure. No one can talk shit about someone drinking a pale ale. It’s middle of the road that can always surprise you. And spontaneity is what make relationships fun.

Light Lager

You are a creature of habit, practical to a fault. You despise your yoga-loving neighbors, their J Crew-clad children, and their designer Labradoodle, Lucky. Your idea of farm-to-table involves Thursday Night Football, a TV tray, and a pot of chili made from an elk you shot and transported home in your Dodge Ram.

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This is a safe choice. Pilsners are rooted in tradition and mostly have the same flavors dated back to how they were created in the Czech Republic. This shows your date that you are classier than drinking total crap, but aren’t really a risk taker either. There are some great pilsners out there (just like there are great dates), but you will probably have trouble distinguishing quality. Pilsners are often great session beers meaning you can have more than one in a sitting.


You are sophisticated and cultured. You are fluent in at least two Romance languages, and you roll your eyes when someone blows their nose in a cloth napkin. You love Victorian literature, Elizabethan theater, and Edwardian architecture. Your standard poodle won Best in Show at last year’s Westminster dog show.


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