When And Why You Should Keep Your Jokes to Yourself

13.05.2016 5572

Interviewing for a job is a serious event and a no laughing matter, but that doesn't mean humor can't help you. It can lighten the mood, putting both you and your interviewer at ease; smooth over an awkward moment; and show what you're like to work with. But still, even if you think you've got a geat sense of humour - there are thing you shouldn't joke about on an interview. Here are cases when jokes are inappropriate.

Email Address

It’s often the first thing a hiring manager looks at when deciding whether to open an email … or delete it. Unfortunately, many candidates choose an email address that doesn’t help them, or possibly hurts their chances. For example PartyDude26@aol.com is a bad choice. Unless PartyDude is applying for a job as a bar manager, this isn’t the first impression the Dude wants to make.

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You email address should be as professional as it can be. Instead of having biglarr@’madeupaddress’.com, you should use a variation of your name. It’s much more professional and it won’t have a negative impact on your chances of getting the position. Some hiring managers won’t even look at a resume if it comes in with a novelty email address. Do you think that a hiring manager would be interested in adding someone who does not present a professional demeanor?


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