When It’s OK to Take a Break From Your Job-Hunt

05.08.2016 2477

Sometimes a break – even a short one – can put us back on track. Taking a break from your job search gives you a chance to evaluate the effectiveness of your current strategy and catch your breath. At some cases taking a break is nessessary not only for preventing yourself from burning out, but to make a progress in you job search. Here are 3 situations when you absolutely have to take a break.

#1 - You Are Applying to as Many Jobs as Possible

When you are job-searching, I know that sometimes what you want is any job. You just need a paycheck. The problem is companies don't want to hire just anyone. They want a person who wants this job. The other problem is you cannot convince anyone that you want this job when you've just applied to every job.

When you start to apply multiple times for multiple positions in rapid succession, your credentials no longer matter. What people start to think is that you're desperate and lack judgment.

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Take a breather for a few days. And then re-tune your job search. Look for a job that you want. Customize your resume to the job you want. Write a cover letter that explains who you are and why you would be great for this job, and then apply.

#2 - You Are Obsessed With Job Searching

Are you spending your workday on job search websites or applying to jobs? Worse yet, are you applying for jobs that are way below your skill set and pay less than you want? You start searching for positions that aren’t even in your area of expertise. Sure, you’re a trained veterinarian, but you’ve always been good with numbers so maybe, just maybe, they would be willing to give an honest hard worker like you shot.

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You may start to feel like you are desperate, and if you just look at one more job listing, or one more page, you will find the perfect job. But you have to remember that your life is long and that your job search is just a part of what is important. You have to maintain your balance to make the most of your life.

When you find yourself in an interview for the perfect job, you will want to be the right person for the job, rather than a frazzled nub that has been obsessed with job search sites. So, take a break. Give the hunt no more than 100%—and the rest of the time, step away from the computer and invest in the other parts of your life.

#3 - You Keep Getting Interviews, But No Offers

Dozens of job interviews, and no offers? Are you too old, too young, over-qualified or just out of luck? Are hiring managers so incompetent and biased that they can’t see that you’re qualified as a chemist, electrical engineer, CAD designer, construction manager or network administrator?

The truth is, if you’re getting rejected time after time for jobs that you are qualified for, the problem is most likely with you. Hiring managers and recruiters don’t get paid to reject people. Their job is to find qualified people to fill vacancies. If you’re not getting invited back, take a break and then ask yourself “why?”. If you start by reimagining your interview preparation as a rehearsal for a performance, you're already giving yourself a new chance to succeed. Make sure that you avoiding anything that would prevent you from moving forward in the interview process and ultimately landing the job.

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Take care of yourself, not just physically but emotionally and mentally, too. Remind yourself that it’s OK to take a break; it’s OK to stop and smell the roses every once and awhile. Don’t push yourself too hard and get burnt out. It takes perseverance to get through a long job search without going out of your mind. The key is to constantly be focusing on and reevaluating how you can better tackle the problem in front of you.


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