When You Should And Shouldn't Negotiate Your Salary

22.04.2016 14541

Job seekers get more nervous about negotiating salary than seemingly any other part of the job application process. Negotiation doesn't come naturally to most people, and they're often not sure how hard to push for more money, when to do it, or whether do it at all.

Our few tips will help you figure out when you should (or shouldn't) negotiate about your salary.

When You SHOULD Negotiate:

When You've Got An Offer

Let your potential employer decide whether you're the right candidate, and then talk about money. The same is true of raises. Discuss a salary increase after you have your performance review.

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Basic rule of negotiation: You have way more power when you know they want you. So if you do have an offer in your hot hands, and it’s not quite what you were anticipating, now would be a decent time to put together a thoughtful counteroffer. If you’re still waiting for that official letter? Hold your horses.


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