Why He Was Honored with Google?

05.03.2015 113

Alessandro Volta was honoured by a Google Doodle that inspired us to take a closer look at his contribution to the world as we know it today.

Perhaps one of the most important inventions of all times is electricity. Indeed, without Alessandro Volta we wouldn’t have any power tools, DVD players, mobile phones or even batteries. For his 270th birthday, Allessandro Volta was honoured by a Doodle so that the whole world could take another look at what we owe to this man.

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Being a man of many talents – physicist, chemist and electrical pioneer, Volta made his discovery by pure accident, which was depicted by a Google doodle. When the 18th century inventor was dissecting a frog, its legs twitched from what he thought of an electrical discharge caused by two different metals dissecting it, and was right. At the same time, professor Galvani that was present at that moment, suggested that the legs moved from bodies’ own electricity.

Volta proceeded with his speculation at that time and came up with the first electric battery – Voltaic Pile. At that moment, the battery was just a pile of metal discs from two alternating metals and they were separated by cardboard as well as cloths soaked in sea water. The battery could produce constant and predictable flows of electricity. That was the beginning of new era.

To depict the 270th birthday of the notorious scientist, the doodle featured his achievement making more and more people familiar with his work.


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