Why You Almost Got Called in for the Interview—But Didn't

19.10.2015 19279

A hiring manager can respond to your job application in three different ways: "That is an amazing candidate", "Definitely no", "I don't know, maybe?".

If your application is falling into the first category you will know it because they are going to call you and ask for an interview, but if you never get called how will you know are you the second or the third variant? And if you were very closed from being called in for an interview - what was standing on your way? Here are 5 reasons you almost got called, but didn't:

Make Sure All Your Documents Open Properly

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Every hiring manager finds a resume that wouldn't open in every pile of those, on every position. Of course, you can send a resume or a cover letter that won't open unintentionally. And a good hiring manager will certainly put you in "maybe" pile, to track you down later on Linkedin or even Facebook. But the thing is tracking you down requires time, energy and desire. Chanses are that hiring manager will find a good candidate before he gets to your resume that won't open in the "maybe" pile again.

To avoid it doublecheck your documents. Send it to a couple of friends and ask them to open it on their computers and phones. If there is a problem - figure out what it is and fix it.


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