Why You Are Not Lucky And How To Change It

14.04.2016 6244

We are used to thinking that luck is something that doesn't depend on us and what we do. Just some people are lucky and some are not. But the truth is luck is a skill. And it is possible to become luckier. The best ways to get lucky are to change an attitude to positive, visualize success in your life and be ready to the opportunities life gives us. Here are 5 incredible tips on how to become lucky and successful.

Switch To Optimism

Richard Wiseman, a professor at Britain’s University of Hertfordshire executed a ten-year study to determine the nature of luck. During his long study on the nature of luck, he has found that “lucky” individuals usually posses many intersecting qualities, including extroverted personalities, a lack of anxiety, open-mindedness, and optimism. Each of these play an important role in one’s luck production.

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It is a self-fulfilling prophecy: more luck tends to come to those who believe in possibility — to those who see the good in something before they see the bad. Optimists are givers of energy rather than takers of it. By having a positive disposition, such individuals are more likely to have a greater number of seemingly “surprise” encounters with good fortune. They are also more likely to act on what they find through their intellectually curious pursuits because they believe — always believe — in the potential for better.


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