Why You Never Heard Back From The Recruiter

05.02.2014 41

Sometimes when looking for a job even the most qualified candidates can have a hard time. You can really lose it if after a series of resumes sent out nobody is calling back. But why is that happening? Why even qualified candidates sometimes do not even get a call back? Let’s take a look at the most important factors that influence HR managers when deciding to call back. 


There are many different reasons why one is not getting a call back from the company. The first one can be in the quality of the resume. Make sure you check grammar, styles, use formal language and write truthful information about yourself. 

Networking – when you have found the company you want to work for check whether you have any friends or past colleagues working there. When the company gets few hundred resumes, it is nice to have someone to pass your resume directly to the HR and say a few words about you. 

All in all, when you have found a perfect job offer you have to try to be noticed among other candidates.


Every job offer is aimed at finding the right person for the company. Sometimes being overqualified is the reason the company is not calling you back. Indeed, even if you are ready to go for a beginner position, the company will most probably ignore your resume. This happens because such candidate is most probably viewing this position as a temporary one and will most probably move on as soon as he finds a more appropriate offer.

If you are looking for a change in job but have some experience working in the other field, make sure you alter the resume for the position you are going for. If you have several qualifications and are experienced in all of them, make sure you create individual resumes for each offer. This way the employer will see you are really interested in the position and will get the most necessary information required for the offer they have. 


Prepare yourself for the interview, do some research on the company, on its traditions and on the person they are looking for. The managers will appreciate it very much and will surely notice you. 

The interview is the most important chance for a candidate to make a good impression on the company. If you do it wrong, you will never stand a chance even If you were perfect for a job. Indeed, there are so many things that influence the decision – let’s start with the looks.

Make sure you are dressed appropriately for the position – check your clothes, your shoes, hair and accessories. Check if everything is according to the company standards and that you will fit in. When the company is looking for a perfect candidate one of the most important things would be if the person is going to fit in. So you better make sure you check all those things.

Attitude – one of the most important advice would be to stay true, do not lie, brag or talk too much. Indeed, the most common rules of behaving will work at any job interview. Let the company know you are interested in the position, but do not be desperate. 


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