Why You Should Never Work With Family

10.12.2015 8834

Don’t hire your brother. Don’t hire your sister. Don’t hire your mother, or your father. And just to be on the safe side, don’t hire your uncle or your aunt. Adding family members to your company could be bad for business.

You Lose Leverage

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The biggest problem when hiring friends or family is that you often lose the leverage you would otherwise have with a stranger. Haggling on price, demanding a rework or having to get tough about a deadline can make for an awkward situation when it's a close friend or family member. Whenever you're dealing with a friend there is another element that enters into it that would not be there if it were a strictly business relationship with a stranger. You lose a lot of leverage because you're unlikely to put your foot down for a lot of things. Everything is weighed by the fact that you could cause problems in the relationship or family.


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