Why Your Online Job Applications Not Effective

19.02.2014 720

The development of modern IT-technology has reached such a level that allows finding a job without leaving home. Nevertheless, one of the most frequent problems of job seekers is that the resume may get lost among the huge number of profiles of other candidates. That's why many recruiters often simply do not have the opportunity and time to choose a worthy employee.

Sometimes it is impossible to choose a good candidate through job search websites because of too many candidates' resumes.

So what are the most common reasons that your online job applications may be not effective?

1. Too many candidates for one position

This means that nowadays any person who possesses the PC skills and know how to use the Internet, can easily fill out an online form for work. Moreover, a large number of candidates can apply for the same position, despite the fact that some of them are not enough qualified or do not meet the necessary requirements.


2. Too skilled worker 

If you hold a leadership position or have a good job experience but were forced to resign for various reasons, it is worth remembering that not all employers will offer you cooperation. The reason is that due to the problems in the labor market and the lack of jobs, the majority of job seekers are looking for work after the dismissal which could simply provide them with income at the present moment. However, a great number of executives will be wary of the fact that if you get a better offer from another employer, you will laid off and the company will suffer losses associated with the time and resources that have been spent for the employee.

Usually after the dismissal the candidates are looking for any opportunity to find a job that could bring at least some income. But the inability to check a huge number of resumes is still the main reason of a long job search.

3. Other preferences of employers 

Employers do not always prefer to look for the people through job search websites. In many cases, they choose people who have been recommended by other specialists or invite for the interview the professionals they’ve met at other events. Therefore, the recruiter may not view the responses for the position from other job seekers.

4. Insufficient qualification of a recruiter

Sometimes HR-staff is not able to adequately assess the knowledge and skills of the employee. For example, if the job seeker applies for the position with a narrow specialization (technical or the other one), the recruiter may not be able to check your capabilities and may become the reason for refusal to be employed. In any case, it is better to try to contact the person in that company with whom you are going to work in the future.

Sometimes the cause of unemployment may become insufficient qualification of the recruiter or another employer’s method of choosing a candidate.


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